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The Legacy of the DISQO Duck

For those that know or may not know, I was and still am a fan of World Championship Wrestling. Whether it was live on TNT with Nitro, TBS with Thunder or Saturday Night, or even World Wide Sundays at noon on Channel 9, I watched everything.

Even when WCW was at its lowest ratings wise in 2000, there were still a lot of extremely creative characters that patrolled the landscape. Crowbar, “Screamin’” Norman Smiley, the Misfits in Action, and Kwee Wee were among my favorites. However, there was one performer, which only lasted a few weeks, that lasted the test of time with me as a fan. I’ve waited this long to say it, so I’ll do it now.


First, several people are probably asking themselves, “The Disqo Duck?”

Yes, the Disqo Duck,

The second question, from fans of the disco era in 1970, are asking, “The Rick Dees song?”

Well, kind of, but not really. I’ll need to explain.

“Disco Duck” was a song written by a popular radio jock in California named Rick Dees in 1976. According to Wikipedia (and they are never wrong), “Disco Duck” was about “a man at a dance party who is overcome by the urge to get up and "get down" in a duck-like manner. When the music stops, he sits down, but when he decides to get up and dance again, he finds that everyone in the room is now doing his dance.” The song, as cheesy as it was, became a cult classic. It was even heard in a small scene in the 1977 flick Saturday Night Fever. The Disco Duck was...INTERESTING to say the very least.

Meanwhile, 22 years later, WCW had its own disco infusion to the scene. Although the Disco Inferno had been around since 1995, the man had been going through a bit of a transition period as a performer. Recently joining the Filthy Animals alongside Konnan, Juventeud Guerrera, and Rey Mysterio, Jr, the Disco Inferno name was a wee bit passe. Thanks to the success of the “Thong Song” by SISQO during the year, Disco Inferno was rechristened DISQO and started to attempt to pick up the mannerisms of the more hip Animals. In spite of his attempts, no one ever took DISQO seriously. He needed an edge.

Instead of getting the edge he needed, the former WCW Cruiserweight and Television got a plastic duck instead. But it wasn’t just a plastic duck. It was the DISQO DUCK.

Immediately, I found it hilarious and added a little more depth to the persona of DISQO. Subsequently, the annoying look the plastic duck had about it drove fans to heckle and boo the damn thing until their throats were sore! Those hardcore wrestling fans just don’t know how to have some fun. I always felt it was unfair to see how the Duck was critically panned as it was in WCW. Wrestling is meant to be extremely over-the-top, and the Duck did that.

Regardless, I believe I was the #1 fan of the DISQO Duck. SO much so that on the old days of AOL Instant Messenger, my screen name was DISQODuck4eva. The glory days of technology helped me create one Hell of a handle.

Within three weeks, the DISQO Duck was in and out of the company, but I felt it was way too short. The Duck was hated, added more “heat” to DISQO, and always got a big cheer when it was attacked or thrown around.

That being said, I’m going to give the top three moments of the brief lifespan of the DISQO Duck during the fall of 2000.

PHOTO CREDIT: Screenshot from WWE Network

THE DEBUT ON 9/18/00 - During a moment backstage in the WCW Commissioner’s office, Ernest “the Cat” Miller and his lovely assistant Miss Jones were backstage, going over official WCW business. DISQO walked into the room and proceeded to say that he’d be a better Commissioner than the Cat and that he was terrible. Meanwhile, Cat noticed DISQO had a friend with him in his arms. DISQO told him it was the “DISQO Duck” and was a visual aid. The Cat and Miss Jones both thought the white plastic duck with a quack noisebox attached to it was absolutely stupid. DISQO, offended, challenged him to a match where if he won, DISQO would be a Commissioner for a night. If the Cat won, Mysterio and Juvy would be stripped off the WCW World Tag Team Titles.

Almost immediately during their encounter later on in the night, DISQO attacked the Cat with the Duck. I personally thought the Cat was done. Sadly, Mr. Miller had nine lives, and mauled DISQO the remainder of the match. One Feliner later and the Cat won. DISQO cost the Animals the Tag Team Titles and, in turn, cost him his spot in the group. However, the Duck remained unscathed, in spite of the attack on the Cat. Good for him.

SCOTT STEINER’S ATTACK ON THE DUCK - September 27, 2000 was a dark day for the DISQO Duck. While DISQO and Alex Wright reformed their “Boogie Knights” tag team on Thunder, the duo went to go celebrate and left the Duck behind. While the Duck was hanging out backstage, in sheer ecstasy over the return of “Das Wunderkind”, Scott Steiner was walking around in sheer anger. Wanting a piece of Goldberg, Steiner was insanely angry. In his fit of rage, he saw the Duck hanging out around. With his lead pipe, “Big Poppa Pump” screamed out “I HATE DUCKS!” and whacked the holy Hell out of the DISQO Duck. The Duck went down immediately. Then, the Duck was whacked in its tail and smacked outside an open door and out into captivity. Thankfully, the Duck only receive minor injuries and was able to make it back into the venue. Regardless, PETA should have been called on Scott Steiner. He abused a poor, innocent duck.

THE DUCK ABOVE THE RING FOR A LADDER MATCH: 10/2/00 - However, in spite of its minor injuries, Tygress, Konnan, and Rey Mysterio of the Filthy Animals kidnapped the duck and held it hostage until the October 2, 2000 Nitro from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA. Konnan made a wager with DISQO to a ladder match and to see if he’d truly be able to grab the duck down from 15 feet in the air. Down came DISQO and Alex Wright, and an impromptu ladder match took place. After 5 minutes of action, including a Sunset Powerbomb on DISQO by Rey, Konnan climbed the ladder and pulled down the Duck. Under stipulations of the match, the DISQO Duck now belonged to the Filthy Animals. Yet, it didn’t turn out that way.

DISQO and Wright went on the attack and beat down the Animals post match. DISQO then grabbed the duck and walloped Konnan with it several times. The Duck was used again as a weapon. The Animals might have won the battle, but DISQO won the war.

Sadly, the amount of abuse suffered by the Duck within a three week span was much too much. Effectively at the end of the match, according to my sources, the DISQO Duck retired from professional wrestling. As it was told to me, it just wasn’t for him. I respect a man, or a plastic duck in this case, that wants to enjoy his later years instead of suffering in pain for hanging out the wrestling scene too long.

THE DISQO Duck is further proof that the more ridiculous something is in pro wrestling, there will be a reaction towards it. DISQO proved it once again that the Duck worked. I always felt the Duck deserved more love. So Glenn Gilbertti, I salute you for this.

Jon Harder

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