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Honky Tonk Man '87

Long sideburns

Black hair slicked back

$10000 jumpsuit

Rhinestones and glistening

Acoustic guitar in hand

The Intercontinental title around his waist

And the Colonel in the back

The long walk to battle

Begins with confidence

Don’t be cruel

But the fans are anyway

Quickly takes control

Takedowns and punches

A bounce off the ropes

And a back elbow to boot

Scoops him up

With the Colonel instructing him

Megaphone and all

Front facelock

Swing once

Swing twice

Swing three times

Swinging neckbreaker

With a little Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Three second tan

And a victory is procured

His arms raise in victory

He swivels his hips


Strutting his stuff

He raises his guitar in the air

In his left

His championship

In his right

Glorious and proud

The Colonel grabs the microphone

Put it toward the champ’s mouth

With a smile on his face

Proclaims his fact

“Thank you! You’re a beautiful audience!”




Jon Harder


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