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DICKEY 2012 - 9/13/17

An unexpected guy

Had an unexpected year

With an unpredictable pitch

The knuckleball

As per the man

Was a pitch he learned

Out of desperation

Three years prior

Found himself off

The Minnesota Twins playoff roster

Now a star

On the biggest market

Wearing blue and orange

And created quite a name

For himself

In 233.2 innings pitched

34 games

33 starts

20 wins

6 losses

2.73 ERA

5 complete games

3 shutouts

230 strikeouts

The stats were great

But it was more than that

Against two AL East clubs

Tampa Bay



One hitters

Night after No-han

He shutout the Cards

At exactly 100 pitches

Even the last home start of the season

Something as simple

As running out

An infield single

And being safe

He was on a complete roll

Off the field

He became a phenomenon

Part of a documentary

Based off his pitch

E60 on his struggles

And life he has lead

His autobiography

Hitting book shelves

And a guest spot on


But the crowning achievement

Was being named a National League All-Star

He should have started

Personal opinion

But Coach La Russa

Gave it to Matt Cain


He came in the 6th inning

And struck out

Mark Trumbo

And earned himself

A notch in

All-Star game history

With a K

In his last home start

September 27, 2012

Besides the infield single

He went 7.2 innings

8 hits

3 runs given up

Threw 128 pitches

Had 13 K’s

After TC took him out

Citi Field gave him

A standing ovation

Well deserved

But most of all

Win number 20

The first in a Mets jersey

To do so

Since Frank Viola in 1990

History was made

And he was humbled in front of the crowd

A few weeks later

The 2012 NL Cy Young

Was awarded to him

Beat out Gio Gonzalez

For the incredible honor

A few weeks after that

The Mets traded him

While the value was high

And sent him to Toronto

Got back Travis d’Arnaud

And a young Texas arm

Named Noah Syndergaard

To this day

The trade still pays dividends

The bottom line is simple

Despite a lot of lean years

In Queens

Some glimmers of hope

Keep the dream alive

The Mets had that in 2012

#43 brought passion


And a little geekdom

To become an unlikely

Underdog hero

And an inspiration

To baseball fans

Who can simply dream

Anything is possible

Like a thrown


Jon Harder


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