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5 Years...A Poem for Big Norm

5 Years…

It’s been 5 long years

And there’s been a lot you’ve missed




The Mets in 2015

Project: Diverge

And it hasn’t been easy to deal

Without you here

Sometimes I look back and am blessed

You aren’t in pain anymore

But other times

I just wish you were here

The struggles have been a lot tougher

But I know you’ve been here

Not physically

But spiritually

And it’s gotten me through

But I selfishly wish you were still here

And you are still missed

I love you Dad

5 Years…

Still feels like yesterday sometimes

November 10th, I always like to use this day to try and help donate a couple bucks to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to help and find a cure for colorectal cancer. Please either go to or go to and help support.

Love you Dad.

Jon Harder


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