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100 Podcasts For the Third Straight Year

I am incredibly proud that within 8 months, the Hardway HQ Podcasting Network has reached 100 podcasts already for 2021, with UNFILTERED #56 being posted last night.

2021 has been a year of innovation and transition for Hardway HQ. With a true Hardway HQ Studios being renovated as we speak, it’s been awesome to have loads of content uploaded to the website.

For starters, Nick Reigota has taken the ball for his “Sick Nick’s Music Picks” podcast, as well as his duties with Nick and Jon: “Live” in New Jersey. By next week, N&J will be on its own RSS feed.

Secondly, both Ed Scanlon and Reggie Reg have made their contributions as well. Ed helped me complete Season 2 of Revisiting Capeside, and Reggie’s “Chronicles of a Jersey Nerd” just made its debut on the network.

By the end of 2021 and beyond, we will be taking, as alluded to earlier, things to the next level with the new Hardway HQ Studios. With that means more video clips, podcast content, and unique audio.

The South River, NJ podcast scene is here. Thanks for every listen. We appreciate your support.

Jon Harder


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