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Removing Some Audio Clutter

The streamlining of has begun.

Ever since last week’s ACCOUNTABILITY blog post in the Professional 3, I’ve started making some serious changes to Hardway HQ. It started with the top; with the podcasting network.

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that there was a lot of clutter within Soundcloud, our hosting site for the Hardway HQ Podcasting Network. I started looking at the history of the entire podcasting network and noticed that we had 556 podcasts available on the site! Add to the fact that all of our podcasts are on one RSS feed, the clutter, in my mind, was too much.

For ten years, I’ve been lucky to document my life through audio. It was, and still is, the best outlet for me to unleash my art. I was lucky enough to find a simple format, gain confidence, and develop some fun, edgy shows. I was also blessed to have a great core of guys around me to help bring out my best. Tim Hughes, Stan Stylez, Nick Reigota, Ed Scanlon, LSG, and my brother Ben really helped create some great, innovative content over a multitude of different podcasts.

However, there became the issue of having TOO much available. I knew that, in time, I was going to have to shed some of the fat of Hardway HQ. Once I wrote the blog last week and recorded the “Streamlining HQ” edition of Nick and Jon, I knew it was time. It was an opportunity to, in many words, purge.

A lot of episodes have gone offline, including all the different Master H 2 podcasts, the original Hardcore BF Podcasts, various one-off podcasts, and the Hardway Podcasts prior to 2019. Although they have now off the RSS feed, we are looking at releasing Best Of compilations on YouTube in the coming months. Also, there’s a good chance I will reupload episodes in a “Throwback” Hardway episode. Anything is possible.

I will say that the beginning of the removal of content on the site, I felt a massive relief in my soul. Sometimes, the purging of the past leads to building towards the future. It seems like a lame line, but in many respects, it is indeed true. Due to this start of simplifying my life, I’ve been able to start drafting plans towards new creativity.

I’ve been more free than I have in quite some time. Add in a self-imposed ban of personal social media and less time searching for an artificial dopamine hit, I feel a lot healthier and feeling better mentally every day. A lot more work is needed to be done with Hardway HQ. Stay tuned to the HQ social media platforms and see what we have in store.

As Randy Bachman sang in 1974, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.

Jon Harder


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