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The Operation New Wave Schedule and A Special Thanks

Finally, Project: Diverge is coming.

After 8 LONG MONTHS, Operation New Wave is being released onto as a special 5-Day event. Starting on Friday December 21, 2018 going through Christmas Day, 5 episodes will be released.

But they aren’t just 5 episodes of just pro wrestling. They are 5 episodes of episodic internet television. We are taking chances. We are going into a different realm. We are going to do what Operation New Wave was always meant to do: DIVERGE from the path.

Here is the schedule of episodes prepared:

12/21/18 - 6PM: First Round Matches - Tom O’Malley (Scientific) vs 2Hot Steve Scott (Speed); Tough Tim Hughes (Old School) vs Ricky Richards (Violence)

12/22/18 - 6PM: First Round Matches - Sizzling Stan Stylez (Entertainment) vs Vince Steele (Powerhouse); “The Magnificent” Giovanni Marranca (Striking) vs Mr. Darius Carter (Hybrid)

12/23/18 - 6PM: Semi-Final Matches

12/24/18 - 6PM: MC Monty Max Presents The Styles Clash - Prince Akkanatan (Entertainment) vs Mike Del (Hybrid) vs Gabby Ortiz (Speed) vs WildMan Kongo (Old School)

12/25/18 - 6PM: The Operation New Wave Tournament Finals

Also, one year to the day of the inaugural promo for Project: Diverge, Sick Nick Reigota and myself will be doing a special Hardway Podcast - The True PURGE of Diverge, discussing the road to, during, and post-Operation New Wave. Trust me, there is a lot to discuss and a lot to say. I will not hold back.

This leads to right here. I want to give special thanks to three different people here in the Professional 3.

First, Brian Belzer. Brian, I want to thank you for the amount of work you put into everything regarding this Project. When others dropped the ball, you took it, ran with it, threw the ball down the sideline, and caught it. You put way more effort into this than anyone, especially I, expected. I will always be eternally grateful for your efforts and I thank you for everything

Second, Scott Glazer. Scott, when it seemed bleak and that Operation New Wave was never to be released, you jumped at the opportunity and excelled. So much pride went into this on the editing perspective, and it shows. Scott, we are almost there and welcome to the team. I wish you were here the whole time.

Third and finally, the aforementioned Sick Nick Reigota. Dude, you’ve been around from when we would sit in Dunkin Donuts in 2008, plotting and formulating the original ideas of Project GS in an old red notebook. You were here during the highs and lows of everything, from podcasting to wrestling drama 101. Seeing you help out during the build to the event, taking notes at the event, and being a phenomenal producer after the event showcased your dedication. I’ve always known you’d be an immensely talented individual in the game of entertainment, and this proves it. I’m extremely proud of you, and God bless you for all that you did.

Project: Diverge finally displays the forefront of the NEW WAVE of professional wrestling. December 21, 2018, we debut our hard work and our literal blood, sweat, and tears. It’s finally coming, and you won’t be disappointed.


Jon Harder


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