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Founded - November 12, 2014

To help support Pennies For Norm via the Colon Cancer Alliance, please click on this link to help fight this easily avoidable, yet deadly disease.

I started Pennies For Norm two days after my father died.


Big Norm suffered with colorectal cancer for 2 1/2 years. To know my father, you had to hang around him. He was blunt, stubborn, and honest to a fault. However, he did what he could to provide for his family and worked incredibly hard to do so. My Dad was a good man. He was a damn good man.

At 6'6", Big Norm always came off as a figure larger than life, figuratively AND literally. However, once he started getting sick, you really saw the struggles. The worst part was that if he went to the doctor for daily checkups, this either could have been avoided or caught early and handled right away. Most of all, there would have been a great chance that he would still be here today.


My goal with Pennies for Norm is to not only raise money to find a cure for colon cancer, but to raise awareness on how to get early detection and avoid this disease altogether.

I miss you, Dad. Pennies for Norm is for you.


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