On August 6, 2014, a package came to #HardwayHQ Studios, messaged exclusively to Good News Hughes. During the recording of the Hardway Podcast, Jon Harder handed that package to Tim. Inside was a trophy. That trophy was titled the UAHLU Air Hockey Champion. What in the world was the UAHLU?


Delivered in a rant, Tim declared the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe into existance. With a victory in a "tournament final" against Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart at WrestleCon on April 6, 2013 in Secaucus, NJ, Tim crowned himself the first UAHLU champion. When asked who gave him the right to be UAHLU champion, Good News simply answered, "Barry Bettman". With such ludicy uttered from the lips of the sidekick of the Hardway Podcast, the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe was underway.


Thanks to a deal negotiated by the Chairwoman of #HardwayHQ "the Barb", the UAHLU got exposure courtesy of TheJonHarder.com. Jon, annoyed that Good News was getting exposure on HIS site, decided to announce that he wanted to get a shot at the UAHLU Air Hockey Trophy, just so he could melt it into a necklace. The match was signed for 9/11/14 in Good News' adopted hometown of Topeka, KS. However, once Jon got there, Good News wasn't there. In fact, it was a giant scam.


Within weeks, a man by the name of Barry Bettman sent a video to TheJonHarder.com, stating that Good News decided that Jon wasn't worthy of a title shot; thus, to get one, Jon would have to face a group of 7 men. Once he got there, Jon would THEN get a championship shot. Until then, he'd have to wait. The Commissioner had spoken!


For Jon's first match, he barely eeked one out against Commissioner Bettman's cousin "Beary" Bettman. In his second battle, thanks to UAHLU International Advisor Bladimir Blutin, Jon had to go against his best friend, the host of the Hardcore BF Podcast, Ed Scanlon. In an absolute battle, Jon defeated Ed 3-2. On March 25, 2015, Jon had started to go to the next level and go straight toward the UAHLU title.


Suddenly, it went dormant. For months, there was no talk on the UAHLU. There was no talk on Good News Hughes, who had left the #HardwayHQ family to focus full time on his wrestling career. Everyone felt the idea was dead.


Then, TheJonHarder.com received a video narrated by 'Stu Hart'. The video showcased the vile Master H 2 breaking into Tim Hughes' house and STEALING the UAHLU Air Hockey Trophy. In a second video, H 2 announced that he was the new UAHLU champion and, thanks to sending Barry Bettman back to his "home planet", the Commissioner as well! Furthermore, he was forcing Harder to continue his run up the rankings to get a shot at the trophy!


Dealing with the shenanigans, Jon found out that his next opponent would be the host of the Nick and Jon: "Live" in New Jersey podcast, Nicholas F. Reigota! It seemed that thanks to a rift between friends and the former H 2/ Reigota partnership from the early days of the Hardway, Jon was under the screws. In fact, Reigota politicked that the winner would be guarenteed the #1 contender to the UAHLU Air Hockey Trophy! Even more so, if Jon lost, he'd be forced to stop fighting for the shot at the title.


In a big conspiracy, Nick threw the final fall to Jon and thusly, Jon gained the #1 contendership! The UAHLU Air Hockey Trophy was in sights!

On May 1, 2016, on the Kornspan Rink, Jon beat Master H 2 3-0 to win the Air Hockey Trophy! However, later that night, the former "Good News" and now "Tough" Tim Hughes broke into #HardwayHQ Studios and STOLE the trophy back. Despite being null-and-void in UAHLU for over a year, Tim claimed he is still champion.

In the #HardwayHQ World, the Barb, Chairwoman of #HardwayHQ, disagreed. Through arguments between Barb and H 2, who changed his stance to say Tim IS CHAMPION after stealing the trophy from him, Barb decided to ignore the Air Hockey trophy and give Jon a brand new UAHLU championship belt. Jon is now a champion in multiple senses of the word!

Founded August 6, 2014