Founded - August 24, 2014

When #HardwayHQ expanded into a podcasting network on July 2, 2014, Jon Harder went looking to bring aboard new people to help excenuate the unique nature of the vision of HQ. He didn't have to look too far, as he linked up with best friend Ed Scanlon to create the Hardcore BF Podcast!


Ed has been best friends with Jon since the 2nd grade in Mrs. Baker's class in Willett School. Throughout the years, the pair has stayed immensely close and are incredible friends. So when November 2014 rolled around, Jon came to Ed and asked if they could do a podcast together. Ed crafted the name of the show, and the Hardcore BF Podcast was born!


Both men talk on a variety of topics. When it comes to wrestling, Jon talks from a behind-the-scenes perspective, while Ed, a former Tag Team Champion for American Championship Entertainment and wrestler throughout the independents, brings a psychological view from the ring.

Each podcast varies. Sometimes, they talk life; other times sports and wrestling. Most recently, both men started Revisiting Capeside, discussing the series of Dawson's Creek! The one thing that doesn't vary: the fun and good converastions that are had.

Sit back and enjoy the tales of the Hardcore BF Podcast, as anything and everything is in play. This is an exciting look at pop culture, nostalgia, and the history of life between two old friends. PEACE!