Name: The Barb

Debut: The Hardway Podcast #100 - 9/4/13

As seen in: The Hardway Podcast

Titles Held: Chairwoman of #HardwayHQ

Bio: Haley is the girffriend of Jon Harder. Originally dubbed "the Barb" by ACE performer Andrew "Tiny" Johnson due to her resemblance to pop icon Barbra Streisand (there is none), she has taken that moniker as her own and has become a major focal point of the #HardwayHQ Podcasting Network.

Originally being dubbed the Chairwoman of the Hardway Podcast in September 2013, the Barb has made several key focal manuevers to help further grow Jon Harder's brand, expanding the Hardway Podcast into a podcasting network, firing, hiring, and firing once again Tim Hughes, and awarding the UAHLU Air Hockey Championship belt to Jon in a time of crisis with the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe.

Most of all, Jon has stated that she is the glue that has held this entire venture together. The Barb is here for the long haul and is thankful for all of her hard work!