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Thank You Terry Collins - A Poem

You came in on November 23, 2010

A legitimate shocker

Many people wanted Wally Backman

But I loved that you got a chance

I always remembered the nasty cut under your nose

During that fight between the Astros and Montreal in ‘96

When Moises Alou threw the helmet

And accidentally hit you

As well as an emotional breakdown when you resigned

From Anaheim in 1999

You never thought you’d be a Major League manager again

But you did

You truly worked your way back into a managerial spot

In the minor leagues


The China National Team in the WBC in 2009

There was the one intangible

That you had

Which put you over the top

Unbridled passion

As Mets manager

It wasn’t easy to start

Your first ejection was on April 21, 2011

After the umpire refused to look down the line

And for the first time in a Blue and Orange brimmed uniform

You got the old heave ho

But I truly appreciated you

For two main reasons

First, after your press conference on June 1

When you blew up on your frustrations with losing

Defending Chris Capuano’s pitching performance

And not happy with the lack of execution of plays

At the plate and in the field

And the second

Was at the end of the season

When you defended Jose Reyes

For the bunt single in the first and taking him out

To win the NL Batting Title

And got incredibly emotional

Defending your players

From that point on

I realized I was a huge fan of your managing style

Due to one thing

Unbridled passion

Your roster in 2011-2013 was unwatchable

As a die hard Mets fan

It was, at times, terrible to watch

Yet somehow

You got 70+ wins out of those guys

Unbelievable to do

Many consider you to be a true

Player’s manager

And I get that vibe

You made the most out of Eric Young Jr

RA Dickey

Marlon Byrd

And so on and so forth

Even the way you tried to mature Jordany Valdespin

In spite of his “I’m the man right now” spiel

And his downright arrogance

Came off professional

During this time period

I genuinely believe that you have the spirit of

A baseball junkie

You eat, sleep, breathe and live baseball

And although

Success wasn’t given overnight

You brought an absolute fire

And determination to succeed

In that clubhouse

Due to your

Unbridled passion

When 2015 rolled around

The vibe in Flushing was different

You nurtured the young arms

Harvey, Syndergaard, Matz, and DeGrom

You kept the team going

Through the Captain’s medical issues

You brought fire to a clubhouse

When the bats weren’t there

And in spite of it all

Mejia’s multiple suspensions

The bats not hitting for average

Wheeler’s Tommy John

The trade that wasn’t made

The Dark Knight drama

This team won the National League East

Watching you in the dugout

In the ninth inning

With tears in your eyes

Making your first playoff appearance

Was absolutely inspiring

That hard work does pay off

And through the NLDS

Beat LA

And through the NLCS

Whooping the Cubs

Becoming NL champions

And the crushing defeat at the hands of Kansas City

By the way

I would have kept Harvey in on Game 5 too

You seemed like you were having the time of your life

Thanks to your

Unbridled passion

2016 was almost the end

But somehow

Figuratively using

Paper clips and bubble gum

You kept the team motivated

And after that Arizona game in August

With that driven press conference

To bring that effort out

You did your part

And the players did theirs

To make it to the National League Wild Card game

And 2017

Has had to have been one of the most frustrating times

With injuries

The Dark Knight drama

And every other incident imaginable

The Mets jinx

Somehow you will get the blame

But it is not your fault

What more can you do?

I feel for you

At 68, you kept hope alive

And helped motivate the talent

To bring Flushing, Queens back to baseball prominence

535-559 as of August 21, 2017

As Mets manager

Back-to-back playoff appearances

The most games managed as a Met skipper

And respect from all Met players

And the fan base

You aren’t perfect

But we all love you for your

Unbridled passion

If this is it

I, among one of many Mets fans

Just wanted to say

Thank You Terry Collins.

Jon Harder


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