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Good Journey, For Now

Hardway HQ has always been about trying to build a team of like-minded, talented, creative individuals who work together to build a cohesive outlet for creativity and content.

Over the past decade plus, I, like the rest of HQ, have invested time, energy, and effort into this side project. Sometimes, in lack of judgment for my own health and personal opportunities, it has consumed me.

Well, sometimes you need to step back for a little bit.

For the foreseeable future, I will be taking time away from Hardway HQ.

Some opportunities have arisen to take charge of and take a hold of. Unlike certain time periods, this is all positive things that are going on.

I am NOT taking down the website or the podcast network, as there is too much talent to keep it going.

Reggie Reg, MC Monty Max, Bankie Bruce, Ken Carrera and my two dudes from Day 1 - Nick Reigota and Ed Scanlon - will continue on. These individuals are the most talented crew I’ve ever been around, and although we are a small network, we are a podcast family.

Continue to support the crew as we continue on.

I know I will be back eventually, so I know it’s not goodbye forever. But I do know this:

“Don’t say goodbye, say good journey.” - Masters of the Universe

Good journey, guys. Be back soon.

Jon Harder


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