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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #84 - TCW Brings the Steel Cage to Manchester

In the current days of independent wrestling, it is very rare to see an old fashioned steel cage match.

I’ve only witnessed one live back in 2011 at American Championship Entertainment at the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ between Jorge Luis Rivera and Dan Maff for the ACE Heavyweight Championship. It was an absolute bloodbath and full of action.

Thirteen years later, Titan Championship Wrestling will bring the fifteen foot high steel cage to Manchester, NJ for “Rise of the Titans” on May 11 at the Manchester Little League Baseball-Softball Indoor Facility, as Michael Fain prepares to go one-on-one into war with the TCW favorite FACE at Rise of the Titans.

A few months back, at Wrestlers to the Rescue in February, Fain defeated Face by disqualification. Even though Fain stated to TCW interviewer Samira that “a win is a win”, many have said through my sources in the independent wrestling pipeline that Fain’s goal to become TCW Heavyweight Champion might be marred if he can’t beat the fearless Face straight-up.

After Face survived an ambulance match at Another Level against Big Jeff Noyze a couple of weeks ago, he was attacked from behind by Fain with a steel chair. Fain pummeled his rival so badly that Face did have to use a separate ambulance to go to a local medical facility.

Steve “Monsta” Mack, TCW General Manager, had enough of the games from Fain. A heavy-hitter and hired gun in his own right within the independent circuit over the past few decades, Mack decided to put a stop to the issue between the pair once and for all, announcing to the TCW social media team that Face and Fain will do war in a steel cage on May 11.

Fain and Face need to realize what the ramifications of a steel cage entails. You can’t run. You can’t hide. You can’t get disqualified. You are forever changed when you enter a fenced structure.

The steel grating of a cage rips skin, leaves bruises, and tears tendons. Even if you try to escape, the pain of climbing takes its toll. If you try to use the cage as a sidekick to your assault to your opponent, it only enhances the destruction. The steel cage is the most dangerous environment to fight in.

May 11, 2024 will be a date that will live in infamy for Titan Championship Wrestling. Two men will enter, and one man will walk out. But for Michael Fain and Face, it’ll change their careers forever.

It will truly be a caged collision in Manchester, NJ. #BANKONIT


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