June 17, 2020


Extra innings

Bottom of the 11th

Two outs

Two on

Down 6-4

Lefty vs Lefty

Grant Dayton on the hill

You fight to come back


Grinding to recover

Off the IL

The moment is yours

First at-bat in months

First pitch

Ball one

Second pitch

Down Broadway


Goes the ball

High fly...

January 12, 2019

After the 2018 season ended, I was stoked. I, after years of wondering of who the Mets second baseman of the future would be after trading away Dilson Herrera in 2016 (coincidentally, he’s back, I finally had one name on my mind: McNEIL.

December 31, 2018

WCBS-FM was always on during the holiday season in the Harder household. And at least once a day, in between Dominic the Donkey and Feliz Navidad, this little diddy would be on. I always remember, as far back as I could, getting choked hearing this. And ultimately, I n...

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