June 5, 2020

The road has been paved A collision course En Route to a CROSSROADS

May 29, 2020

Miami is stunned The fans are shocked Gorilla and the Hot Rod FLABBERGASTED The Fink makes the call “HERE IS YOU WINNER AND NEWWWWWWW WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION CHAMPION SHEIK TUGBOAT!”

May 22, 2020

You hear General Adnan Ranting and raving Hooting and hollering THE SAME TWO WORDS “TUGBOAT AKBAR! TUGBOAT AKBAR! TUGBOAT AKBAR!”

May 14, 2020

But what would happen If you hit An alternate timeline An alternate reality A different world Where the motivation Would be a swerve Not just on a friendship Not just on a fan group But on an entire country And defended his championship In front of One hundred thousand...

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