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Name: Nicholas F. Reigota

Debut: The Hardway Podcast #55 - 10/24/12

As seen in: Nick and Jon: "Live" in New Jersey, The Hardway Podcast, the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe

Nicknames: "Sick" Nick

Bio: Nicholas F. Reigota and Jon Harder were childhood friends in South River, NJ; however, at some point, Jon totally forgot who Nick was. Nick, burned by that anger, combined with the fact that Nick's acquientance Master H 2 was looking to sue Jon for usage of a Capriweiser commercial, used his acting ability to fake being a lawyer and somehow manipulated the system for Jon to allow H 2 to host Episode 70 of the Hardway Podcast.

At the Hardway Halloween Party in 2014, during a drunk escapade, Jon remembered who exactly Nick was, and the pair became friends again. A week later on November 6, 2014, Jon and Nick started the Nick and Jon: "Live" in New Jersey Podcast. Jon has stated on several occasions that the Nick and Jon podcast kept the #HardwayHQ Podcasting Network alive, thanks to the talents of one Mr. Reigota. The duo have also successful swerved Master H 2 to giving Jon a shot at the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe Air Hockey League, thanks to the street smarts of one Mr. Reigota.

"Sick" Nick is a one-of-a-kind man and definitely a major focal point to the success of!

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