Founded - November 6, 2014

When #HardwayHQ expanded into a podcasting network on July 2, 2014, Jon Harder went looking to bring aboard new people to help excenuate the unique nature of the vision of HQ. He didn't have to look too far, as he linked up with childhood friend Nick Reigota to form "Nick and Jon: 'Live' in New Jersey"!


"Sick" Nick was involved with the Hardway Podcast during the Podomatic Era, interjecting himself as Master H 2's "lawyer", even getting involved with Episode 70 of the show as co-host. Ultimately, Nick did not hate Jon; he was annoyed Jon had forgotten who he was. However, after the Hardway Halloween Party, Jon and Nick rekindled their friendship and kickstarted this brand new podcast.


Nick and Jon have transcended a lot with their unique perspectives on a lot of growing topics. For Jon, he emphasizes sports, pro wrestling, and obscure 1990s baseball kids movies. For Nick, he truly is well versed in comics, movies, anime, TV shows, and all things counter and nerd culture. Both men learn, teach, and subsequently push each other towards learning new things outside of their comfort zone.


Each podcast has the wackiest of news stories told by Nick, "The Walter Cronkite of Podcast Journalism", in a segment called Nick@News. Also, Jon once every few episodes reviews an item he has never watched, played, or listened to before in a segment called THE HARDLINER (echo, echo)!


One of Nick and Jon's most popular episodes revolved around #45 - THE WCW SALE CONSPIRACY THEORY. Furthermore, Nick and Jon have actually recorded a podcast outside of the #HardwayHQ Studios, while they were enjoying a day at Silverball in Asbury Park, NJ.


Sit back and enjoy the tales of Nick and Jon, as anything and everything is in play. This is an exciting look at pop culture, nostalgia, and the history of life between two old friends. Enjoy!