Name: Master H 2

Debut: The Hardway Podcast #50 - 9/19/12

As seen in: The Hardway Podcast, Master H 2's Stories, the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe, Nick and Jon: "Live" in New Jersey

Bio: OLE!


Master H 2 has been a thorn in Jon Harder's side since the two were children. Born Javier H. Ortiz, H 2 started portraying his Lucha Libre heritage after watching an Abismo Negro AAA match when he was young, working as a dishwasher in downtown South River, NJ. Throughout his impressionable stages, H 2 was heavy into narcotics, alcohol, gambling, and wrestling. Plying his trade in backyard wrestling, H 2 became a master of his game, until he was fired, allegedly, by Jon Harder, who ran the company. Somehow, H 2 found his way to the actual professional ranks, where he was blackballed due to an incident involving the legendary Prime Rib unmasking as the Pizza Kid during a show (H 2 instigated the incident and Rib stooged him out to the locker room). From that point, H 2 stayed dormant until 2012, when Tim Hughes came about.


Hughes, convinced that he found an embarassing antedote about Jon's past during their rivalry within the Professional Revolution in 2012, unveiled a rap song called "OLE!" to the masses during an episode of the Hardway Podcast. On top of it, during Episode 50, Tim actually interviewed Master H 2 on Jon's 27th birthday, believing that Jon was actually Master H 2 under the mask. However, once Hughes started to interview H 2, he realized that they were not one in the same.


A few episodes later, Master H 2 stopped by again with Hughes, who was hosting an episode of the Hardway due to a bet between the two revolving around the success (sadly, ultimate death) of the Professional Revolution, and discussed his created alcoholic beverage, the Capriweiser. Later that night, Hughes uploaded a harmless video of H 2 showcasing how he created the sweet, yet delicious drink. Unbelievably, H 2, "upset" with his likeness on Jon's YouTube channel, hired an actor named Nicholas F. Reigota to portray a lawyer, and file a lawsuit against Jon and the Hardway Podcast. Funded by Darius Carter of Beyond Wrestling fame, H 2 used his funds and "legal team" to kidnap Jon's brother Ben and orchestrate a settlement to host Episode 70 of the Hardway Podcast. Sadly, H 2 went too far, kidnapping Hughes and holding hostage. Ultimately, Ben, Hughes, and Jon ran off H 2 and Reigota and ultimately saved the podcast from sheer extinction.


Over the coming months, it came out that Jon's brother faked his kidnapping and helped deliver H 2 his destiny. B-Sizzle became allies with Master H 2 and on Episode 100, debuted a new rap song called "The Greatest Rap Ever". H 2 and Sizzle started a brand new podcast called "YAHERD?"; however, it didn't last, as H 2 was offered a contract by the Barb, Chairwoman of #HardwayHQ, to bring a brand new podcast to the forefront called "The Master H 2 Show".


Through two different variations of shows, a new rap song called "Return of the Master", and a reuniting of Sizzle and H 2, Master H 2's Stories now reside on #HardwayHQ. Enjoy the insanity of the duo and, most of all, Master H 2 in all his glory. OLE!


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