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Name: Ed Scanlon

Debut: The Hardway Podcast #142 - 8/15/14

As seen in: The Hardcore BF Podcast, The Hardway Podcast, the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe

Titles Held: ACE Tag Team Championship

Nicknames: Electric

Bio: Ed Scanlon and Jon Harder have been best friends since 1992, mere months after Jon moved to South River, NJ. Growing up, Ed had a deep passion for the New York Jets, the New York Rangers, and pro wrestling.


In 2007, Ed made his pro wrestling debut as a part of a tag team with his brother Tom called the BS Express. Trained under Jay Lethal, Ed utilized his talents to become a Tag Team Champion in 2010. Taking a self-imposed sabbatical in 2012, Ed and Jon reconnected on an episode of the Hardway Podcast and ultimately used that opportunity to create the Hardcore BF Podcast.

Ed is truly a versatile individual, seemlessly switching between music, television, and sports. Most of all, he is a good man and a creative force for #HardwayHQ!

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