Name: B-Sizzle

Debut: The Hardway Podcast #76 -3/20/13

As seen in: The Hardway Podcast, Master H 2's Stories, the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe

Bio: Although Jon's little brother Ben made his debut several months prior, B-Sizzle refuses to acknowledge his past, stating his rebirth in life began on March 20, 2013, when after his rap single PHOTOSYNTHESIS took over the globe the week before. On Episode 76, the name B-SIZZLE took hold, and the Hardway Podcast was never the same.

He has been closely associated with Master H 2's swerve to host Episode 70 of the Hardway Podcast. On Episode 100, Sizzle and H 2 released their rap song "The Greatest Rap Ever". Both men even started a short term podcast on the interweb called #YAHERD?.

In the fall of 2013, B-Sizzle was fired by the Barb for excessive language, jail sentences, and overall demeanor. After Jon tried to get him hired back, Sizzle refused to sign and was a free agent, tagging in at different times. However, by the summer of 2014, Sizzle was resigned and BACK in the fold of #HardwayHQ! You can now hear Sizzle on Master H 2's Stories and making a mess of his brother's cranium on the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe.



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